Are all your ideas original?

No, of course not. Most of the detail of events which happen in this book is fictional, the more general events are based on fact. I didn’t invent the Spanish Civil War, but all of Buenaventura’s doings are made up. BUT similar things will have happened to other people at the same time, in nearly all cases. What is slightly spooky is how I invented what I thought were original happenings only to discover subsequently that the same had happened to other real people. When Buenaventura’s father is buried the son refuses to attend the Catholic funeral, along with his father’s work colleagues. I later read of a similar event in “Miguel Garcia’s Story” where his father’s colleagues boycotted the religious part of the ceremony. Another example is where Federica’s son is kidnapped and forcibly held in a fascist orphanage. At the time I wrote this I thought I was exagerrating things, as I knew that orphans of Franco’s murderous reign of tyranny were brain-washed in those institutions. Only some weeks later did I unearth material showing that kidnap from living parents was a frequent prelude to being placed in the orphanage.


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