Why did I write this novel?

I was made redundant three years ago. After trying in vain for a while to get a ‘proper’ job I hit upon the idea of writing this novel. As for the subject matter, I have considered myself an anarchist since the age of 16, or thereabouts. I have never understood why the rest of the world cannot see the obvious truths about anarchism and thought to write a novel where the main character would effortlessly and naturally acquire an anarchist perspective on life. This was possible in pre-civil war working-class Spain. In much of the peninsular the prevailing ideology and morality was that of anarchism, preferable to the more authoritarian versions of socialism and far preferable to the hypocrisies and superstitions of the Catholic church. As my main charactter, Buenaventura, began to develop I determined to involve him in as many of the events of 20th century anarchism as I could. So that was how the plot line of the novel evolved. Buenaventura was needed in such and such a place, so that was where developments led him.


2 thoughts on “Why did I write this novel?

  1. taizers says:

    Know my plot, but don’t write an outline- I know a lot of writers like to outline their main storyline, subplots, individual scenes, everything. For me, though, that takes the emotion out of my writing- it makes me feel less like my characters are prompting my words.

  2. kevbadthebad says:

    I found that as I read more background material I discovered new and interesting facts which completely changed how the plot of the novel developed. New plot developments inevitably led to new characters and changes in the experiences and personalities of the existing characters. At times it seemed that the novel was writing itself.

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